A tool that provides a detailed picture of the boat movement, individual performance or comparison.
The RowX-outdoor is a tool with several measuring instruments that provides a detailed picture of the boat movement, a rower’s individual performance, or his/her performance compared to another crew member.

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Force exerted by each rower, rotation angle of each oar, boat speed, boat acceleration in X and Z axis and heart rate (optional) are measured. They can be presented in a certain time interval, monitored, and compared on a standard personal computer. From the obtained signals it becomes possible to calculate the most relevant information for the rower exerted power under different training conditions or during competitions. Simple use with most types of rowing shells and oars, enables a rower to observe the measurement data on his/her own boat and with his/her own oars.
This data is sufficient for studying in detail the harmony of the individual’s movements and forces, the differences in performance, successful training results, correct boat rigging, and many other things. It is also possible to compare the acceleration of the boat with the power and velocity curves of the individual rowers.


Benefits of the RowX

  • The RowX-outdoor is extremely easy to install and even easier to operate
  • The athlete can follow the efficiency of each stroke on the display
  • Force is measured for left and right hand separately (symmetry control)
  • The graph display is large enough to allow all of the pertinent data to be viewed at once
  • Complete biomechanical analysis is done by EXPERT software package
  • The RowX-outdoor provides laboratory conditions during training or race, so you will no longer lose data due to outside interference
  • Use RowX-outdoor for logging your workouts due to increasing training efficiency
  • Use two or four units for bigger boats
  • Realiability of the sensors, small weight of the equipment, simple handling are further advantages

What is measured and recorded by the WEBA RowX-Outdoor display device?

Following values are measured, acquired and saved for a desired time periode:
  • Force exerted on each oar
  • Rotation angle of each oar
  • Boat Speed
  • Boat Acceleration in X and Z axis
  • Heart rate (optional)

More Information

The RowX-outdoor Display Device provides feedbakc of measured data per stroke. The computer takes 100 measurements per second, averages those numbers over the duration of one stroke, displaying and saving them. It is possible to recall 30h of trining averaged over 1-10 minutes.  
All measured parameters could be memorised in Display Device memory and downloaded to PC for analysing in detail over 90 parameters per oar using  EXPERT-Software.


System is equipped with sensors for measurement of:
  • The force and angle of the oar
  • The boat acceleration
  • The boat velocity
  • Heart Rate (optional)

Force and angle  

You can measure the force and the angle with the Sensored Oarlock

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Sensored Oarlock: Sensors are fixed in the oarlock, which is placed in a standard procedure. Sensor can be adjusted to different height and angle. With this kind of sensors, calibration is done only once by the producer, which means that, once it is placed on the boat, it is ready to be used. Basic package consists of 2 Scull or Sweep oarlocks (for Skiff 1x or Pair 2-).


The boat velocity is measured relative to the water, using the impeller placed under the water surface. A signal from the impeller is transferred to the Sensored Box, placed close (max 2cm) from the impeller on the inner side of the boat. Further on, Sensored Box is connected via cable to the Display Device (on the Speed Plug).


The acceleration in X and Z axis is measured with the sensor placed in the Sensored Box (Acceleration, Speed, HR).

Display Device

The Display Device is designed to be menu driven and self-explanatory. Via the menu system it’s also possible to adjust all the parameters, to switch data recording on/off, to choose the desired display during the work and to transfer the recorded data to a PC for further analysis in an easy and simple way using the EXPERT software package. 

Mehr Information

When the device is connected to a PC, it is possible to do the software adjustments, to memorize and to follow the complete work on the RowX-outdoor in the REMOTE mode.
Using only 4 buttons (ENTERESCAPEUPDOWN) it is possible to perform all theDisplay Device functions. It makes working with the device easy and simple.

Display Device Main Characteristics  

  • Backlight
  • Graphic display
  • Rechargeable battery with about 20 hours of authonomy
  • After switching ON, the last screen settings appear
  • Navigate the functions using menus
  • Display options including graphical or numerical data
  • Time, Stroke rate, Power, Work, Force, Heart rate
  • Choose from a variety of units - Power (W), Energy (J) or Force (N) - to be displayed with bigger fonts in the middle of the display. Switch between the units during a work out using UP/DOWN buttons
  • Heart rate with Polar chest belt and receiver
  • Pre-programming the workouts with time or distance, rest time and numbers of intervals
  • Store workout data on the board memory or just work without recording
  • Recall function/li>
  • Memory status
  • Battery status
  • PC COM port interface (Serial port)
  • Real time monitoring on the performance monitor or PC
  • The accuracy control or calibration is possible at any time with PC

Display Device Mode

Two modes for presentation of the measured and calculated parameters are avalliable: 
  • Text mode
  • graphic mode

Text mode

In text mode, it is possible to follow five parameters at the same time.
Time, Stroke and Heart Rate are standard fields that are presented in all text modes. Main and Average field could be switched to different views pressing UP andDOWN buttons.
Following views are avaliable: Power [W], Forces [N], Angles [º], Energy [J],Speed [m/s] and Graph mode.

Graphic mode

In graph mode, two parameters can be followed at once.
In the upper part of the display (Left & Right Average Value) are numerical values of the measured parameters (POWERFORCEANGLE) and this values are refreshed after each stroke. Left & Right Graph represents graphical interpretation of the measured parametar. Two bars at the middle of the display are presentation of the last stroke, shown separatly to allow easy comparation of two sides (left & right force, left & right power, left & right angle, etc.).
In graph mode, four different views are avaliable. Three of them are predefined (Forces, Angles, Power & HR). The last one is Custom mode. Switching through views can be done by pressing ENTER button. 
Memory capacity
Data recorded during a session is put in the memory. It’s capacity depends on the sampling rate (table below). The Memory indicator in the Status bar shows the fullness of this memory.
Sample rate
(100 samples/sec)
(50 samples/sec)
(25 samples/sec)
very low
(10 samples/sec)
(870 sec)
(1740 sec)
(3480 sec)
(8700 sec)
This data can be transferred to PC for further analyse in Expert software.
The Recall memory has 30 hours capacity. Average values per minute of the following parameters (PowerForceEnergyStroke rateHeart rate) are memorized in this memory.

Software features

EXPERT is a new and unique program designed for everyone, whether competitive athlete or trainer, sports physician or physical therapist, who would like to have control over the measurement and analysis of various detailed sports performance data, all contained in one software package.
Using EXPERT software it is possible to compare the test results in different sports (Rowing, Kayaking, Swimming, Cross Country skiing, Cycling etc).
EXPERT works in two modes, REAL-TIME MONITORING and RECALL MODE. The REAL-TIMEMONITORING allows the tracking of the measured signals during the training in real time. In this way a visual feed back is obtained which allows instant correction in the practise technique.
Recall mode is the heart of the whole package and allows the insight into the parameters of the training. The extraordinary about this software is the possibility to perform analysis of each stroke.
EXPERT can follow and record more than 90 parameters for each stroke e.g.: strokes per minute, stroke time, force (average, peak), power (average, total), work, arc (catch, release, sleep drive), acceleration, distance per stroke, etc.

Technical Data:

  • Dimensions: 110 x 85 x 55 mm
  • Weight: 320 g
  • Waterdrop resistant housing
  • Sampling rate: 100, 50, 25, 10 samples per second
  • Operating time: 20 Stunden (rechargeable batteries)>

Package includes:

  • Display Device (Central display unit)
  • 2 Sensored Oarlocks (2 scull or 2 sweep)
  • Sensored Box (Acceleration, Speed, Heart rate (optional) sensors)
  • Battery charger
  • Serial cable
  • CD ROM with PC software (EXPERT 2.41) for Win98/ WinME/ Win2000/ WinXP